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**The ONLY club in Southern Utah in the Elite Academy League**

** One of the Inaugural Clubs of the JPL-USA **

FIRE FC merges with UNITED FC!!!



Fire FC Philosophy

Fire FC, we are a club committed to the pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement in everything we do: as players, coaches and as a club. We strive to provide the best possible soccer experience and training environment for our players. Soccer will be used to instill the qualities of ambition, leadership, teamwork, respect, service to others and the pursuit of excellence. Our players will learn to handle success and failure in competition and to exhibit good sportsmanship in victory and defeat and will understand that athletic competition is preparing them for the highest level of the game and in life. 

Vision & Objectives

To be a club recognized for providing quality programming across all age groups and playing levels and for consistently developing highly skillful and intelligent players capable of competing at the highest level of the game and in life. 

Culture & Values

Fire FC, is a culture of ambition, excellence, leadership, teamwork, respect and service committed to development, personal growth, building community ties and creating memorable life experiences all centered around a passion for the game of soccer.


  • Give us strength to be our best on and off the pitch
  • GOLD! 09 MM
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Contact Us

Fire FC - Southern Utah

Phone: 385-391-2856 Call/Text Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

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